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Hello and welcome to Dazzling Danez and Dachshundz, (DDD), our site on petz 4. It's been three years but we're finally back!  Our computer crashed and we lost all of our beloved petz, so we've been grieving for a few years and now we're in the process of getting up and running again.  In case you're wondering, our names are Ashleigh and Claire and we run this site. We are dedicated to raising quality Great Danez and Dashiez.  Email us at with your comments or if you are interested in adopting one of our precious petz!

Our Mission

Our mission is to make sure that all of our animals recieve loving homes. If you are not satisfied with your new pet or can't take care of it anymore, please send it back. We have a few litterz, adoptionz, and even a rescue organizatoin for abused or abandoned petz, as well as much much more for you to check out


Above is Alexandrite, she is a gorgeous example of the many wonderful pups to be found on the litterz page. All of the Great Danez have been adopted, however there are still a number of Dachshundz in need of good homes. There is also a Dachshund litter on Rescue Organization page! Below is a picture of Mount Gerizim, you can adopt her or one of her other unique siblings on the adoption page!




Feb. 3/06
We're back with a new look!  More updates coming soon so keep checking back.


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